Pictura Gallery

Photolucida 2022

April 27, 2022

What a pleasure to be back to in-person reviews at Photolucida this month. Artists have been productive during covid! Some common themes emerged at the review. Mia and I saw projects on self-reflection, relationships — some broken and others strengthened during the pandemic, volcanos, the changing earth, gender roles, our relationship to possessions, lots of trash (as in actual documentation and cataloging of refuse) and projects on covid itself.

A few gems from the week:
Here is Ville Kansanen with his series Numen. He constructs surprisingly beautiful land art forms in the desert, and they feel paradoxically solid and ephemeral, material explorations of primal communion.

IMG 8582
IMG 8607

Paul Rider forms intricate compositions from the plastic that will outlive us all, in his series, Forever. Clear plastic nothings become a dark foreboding mass in these photograms.

IMG 0885

Some additional crushes, from top left to right, and around the circle. This is not anywhere near an exhaustive list of all the good work.

Chrissy Lush with two sides of the self

Cody Bratt with a razor sharp look at family legacy

Jennifer Timmer Trail

Martin Venezsky's design morphing into photographic shape

Elise Kirk with her somehow aesthetically pleasing documentation of one very polluted river

Ingrid Weyland with a prophetically crumpled earth

Ted and Nune's catalogue of remote Armenian monasteries

Elizabeth Clark Libert with a gorgeous vulnerable view into young boyhood

Barbara Strigel's city collage


It feels good to be back in front of physical portfolios in progress. We'll be reviewing at Medium in May and will have more to share soon.