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April 18, 2022| JOS


Photolucida portfolio reviews are beginning this week, and we can’t wait to see new projects! Today’s #JPEGsofSeparation challenge was given to Mia from Laura Moya, Executive Director of Photolucida. She challenged Mia to make a series featuring images from this year’s Photolucida participants.

If you need a reminder: In this game, one person sends another individual two unrelated pictures. The challenge is to connect them using 8 photographs, ultimately creating a sequence of 10 images in total. Connections can be based on concept, content or form, but no artist can be repeated.

This is the sequence that Mia made:

Images Credits: 01 Sandra Klein / 02 Megan Hansen / 03 Elizabeth Libert / 04 Deb Achak / 05 Kristina Barker / 06 Nancy Nichols / 07 Melissa Borman / 08 Chrissy Lush / 09 Becky Wilkes / 10 Cody Bratt

01 Klein Sandra 1024x685
02 Hansen Megan 1024x870
03 Libert Elizabeth 1024x767
05 Achak Deb 1024x683
04 Barker Kristina 1024x683
06 Nichols Nancy 683x1024
07 Borman Melissa 819x1024
08 Lush Chrissy 1024x819
09 Wilkes Becky 1024x683
10 Bratt Cody 52 945x1024