Pictura Gallery

Bianca + Riel Sturchio | Chasing Light

April 13, 2022

Red Shirt 2014

 Chasing Light’ is an ongoing collaborative photography series and community engagement project. My twin sister, Bianca, and I use photography as a means to explore our dynamic as siblings and our experiences of owning queer identities and disabled bodies.”

- Riel Sturchio

Whenever asked to describe my ideal project, I say that I am looking for this uncommon balance of emotion, concept and engaging aesthetics. I seek work that affects me on an emotional level first. I believe that a visceral reaction to art is what engages us and makes us want to see more. After that, I look for a strong layer of content. That’s what gives the work depth and captivates curiosity. And lastly, since artists are using visual language as our mode of communication, I want it to be aesthetically compelling.

It is hard to find work that does all of these things. For me, Chasing Light is one of those rare finds. Bianca and Riel’s ongoing project is highly personal, and yet their glowing images bring you quietly into the room with them. As you wander from their breakfast table to the hospital room with them, they slowly traverse through incredibly complex topics with subtly.

- Mia Dalglish

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