Pictura Gallery

Elizabeth Claffey | Darkness and Nothing More

February 1, 2021

Claffey’s images on motherhood bravely peer into the world of the subconscious...

Yolanda del Amo | Refuge

January 25, 2021

Yolanda del Amo brings her studied eye for domestic detail and body language into the homes of recent migrants integrated into Germany....

David Ondrik | Inheritance

January 11, 2021

Grief is a slow process, a gradual thing...

Adrian Rheinländer | Aesthetics of Failure

December 31, 2020

Too large to remove, too dangerous to destroy, or perhaps intentionally left in place as monuments to failure...

Ellie Ivanova | Museum of Innocence copy copy

December 28, 2020

I feel the spirit of death in Ivanova's photographs...


December 15, 2020

Today’s JOS challenge was given to Lauren Richman, Assistant Curator of Photography at Eskenazi Museum, from Co-Curators Lisa Woodward and Mia Dalglish…


November 16, 2020

This challenge was given to Mia from FAR’s Executive Director, Lauren Kniss…

Julie Weber | Permutations of Light copy

November 9, 2020

In a photogram, an artist brazenly invites herself into the hallowed space between the light and the paper...


November 3, 2020

Many have fought for this right. Whatever it takes for you today, get it done.

Critical Mass 2020 | Hidden Gems

October 26, 2020

Mia and Lisa share some hidden gems from the 2020 Critical Mass Semi-finalists


October 12, 2020

Today’s JOS challenge was given to Co-Curator Lisa Woodward from Co-Curator Mia Dalglish!

Robert Langham III | The Blackfork Bestiary

September 28, 2020

Robert was trying to shoot something else entirely, but the animals kept showing up right up to his doorstep...

A Place to Rest your Eyes | 02

September 14, 2020

With the world feeling dark, I have been looking for reasons to smile...

Book Review | Reconciliation by S. Billie Mandle

August 24, 2020

Deep shadows, screens, pockmarked walls, and rays of light speak of decades of sin and absolution...

Rachel Cox | Mors Scena

August 19, 2020

Cox takes us into the hushed rooms of funeral homes to explore where the business of grief is done...