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Michael Sherwin | Artist Playlist

May 3, 2022| Artist Playlist

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Welcome to our Artist Playlist Series! 

Photographer, Michael Sherwin has shared a music playlist that feels as captivating as his photographs currently on display at Pictura Gallery. You can find his statement and the full Spotify playlist below.

Music is a huge part of my life. My family and I are always listening to music and even dabble in a few instruments. I’ve played guitar on and off since college and even used to play in an African drumming and dancing band in Jackson, WY. Music can have a powerful effect on my mood and state of mind. Depending on the project I’m working on, music can inspire a creative rhythm and direction to my work.

I am always listening to music while working in the studio and traveling to various locations in the field. For this project, I was listening to a lot of quiet indie/​folk music like José González, Fleet Foxes, Iron and Wine and Andrew Bird. For some reason, this music really resonated with me and the issues I was exploring related to the ancient and sometimes tragic history of the land. I started with this music when putting together the playlist, but quickly discarded most of the more lyrical songs. I felt like they interrupted the viewing experience and directed the interpretation a little too strongly, not allowing the photographs to speak for themselves. I also eliminated songs that were too fast, heavy, or upbeat sounding. I was drawn to slower, instrumental music with a slightly subdued and spacious arrangement. My hope is that this playlist accompanies and complements the work, which is quiet, contemplative and at times meditative.”

- Michael Sherwin

If you haven’t checked out the show in person, make sure you join us Friday, May 6th during Gallery Walk at Pictura Gallery or Tuesday — Saturday between 11am and 5pm. This show runs through May 28.

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