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Single Image Crush | Alfredo Sarabia

March 29, 2021


It’s rare, but sometimes you can find everything you’re looking for in a single photograph. Lisa and I are going to start sharing our single images crushes with you here on Curious…

Alfredo Sarabia’s series I know but I can’t say it, I can say it but I don’t know how, traces the parameter of a graveyard that is located in the middle of a bustling city. Sarabia focuses on its border wall, a physical and metaphorical line that divides the living and the departed.

After seeing the project, this particular image lingered in my mind. I love how Sarabia’s shadow stretches across and is enclosed by the edges of the container wall. It feels as if his presence quietly hovers on that line between the two worlds. 

- Mia

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