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Inbal Abergil | Artist Playlist

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Welcome to our Artist Playlist Series! 

Photographer, Inbal Abergil has curated a music playlist for her series What’s Left Behind, currently on display at Pictura Gallery. You can find her statement and the full Spotify playlist below.

Songs as photographs immediately evoke memories and feelings in us. In my creative process, music and photography are always tangoes. When I work in the darkroom, I listen to music that fills me with energy. After a long day of photographing and diving into the issues of mourning, grief, and loss, all I can do to tune down is to listen to Jazz, no lyrics. When I need to retouch dust from my photographs and be in focus, I listen to music that gets me into the meditative zone. This playlist is a mix of the past and present, of people I met and people no longer with us; it’s about love, memories, and life.”

- Inbal Abergil

If you haven’t checked out the show in person, make sure you join us Friday, March 3rd during Gallery Walk at Pictura Gallery or Tuesday — Saturday between 11am and 5pm. This show runs through April 1.

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