July Gallery Walk: Charles Xelot

Pictura Gallery

Date & Time

Friday, July 5 | 5:00pm - 8:00pm

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Pictura - 202 S Rogers St. Bloomington, IN

The Arctic has always been in the dreams and nightmares of explorers, artists, and poets. Charles Xelot photographs the huge ships that carry gas, oil and building materials across the treacherous ice. Xelot’s project, White Water, conveys the magnitude of the sea and her vessels, and the gravity of the risk involved in crossing it.

The breadth of the project is both grand and intimate. Along with the ships, Xelot includes portraits that convey the emotional landscape of the sailors who live for months drifting through the ice.

Charles Xelot is the 2024 winner of the prestigious Life Framer Series Award. The exhibition will be on view at Pictura gallery June 7 - August 31.