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Videri String Quartet X MGS Video Game Music Concert

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Date & Time

Saturday, March 30 | 6:30pm - 8:00pm

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505 West 4th St. Bloomington, IN


Music in Games Society IU

Saturday, March 30th at 6:30pm (Doors at 6pm)
505 W 4th St
Free and open to all ages!

This concert is organized by the Music in Games Society at Indiana University and is graciously funded by the Indiana University Funding Board. For this collaboration, the Music in Games Society has brought in the Videri String Quartet, a renowned group celebrating the crossroads between video game music and classical music.

The Videri String Quartet will be performing six original video game music arrangements from games such as Nier: Automata, Final Fantasy XV, Mario Galaxy, and more, and each of these pieces have been written by IU students specifically for this concert!

If that wasn’t cool enough, this concert will additionally be accompanied by video game footage and select presentations about the pieces! Both Videri and the arrangers within the Music in Games Society worked dedicatedly to refine these works and present them to the community, so come and support us and enjoy some amazing video game music!


Michael Klinberg
A classically trained violinist and music educator, Michael Klinberg earned a BM in Violin Performance at Indiana University and is now pursuing a Master’s in Music Education. With four years of teaching at the IU String Academy and his private violin studio, he’s a dedicated pedagogue. As a researcher, he explores intersections between video games and classical music, presenting his work nationally. In 2022, he founded the Music in Games Society, serving as its President, and secured the Jacobs School of Music Innovation Grant for video game music projects. Klinberg also collaborates with the Videri String Quartet as their Director of Education, advocating for video game music education across age groups and communities.

The Music in Games Society
The Music in Games Society is a student organization at Indiana University. The organization’s mission is to create a space for students to express their interests by showcasing and collaborating on video game music, and to inspire connection and promote appreciation of the genre. Their goals include setting up events such as concerts centered around video game works, guest lectures with professionals in the field, and other events aimed at further awareness and promotion of video games and their music. Find us on Facebook, Instagram, or on the IU beINvolved site here.

The Videri String Quartet
Founded in 2012, the Videri String Quartet is a revolutionary ensemble dedicated to performing video game music and making an impact in the world of video games and in the classical music community. Videri is committed to reinventing the string quartet experience for modern listeners by performing hybrid works and narratives and combining standard quartet repertoire with music from well known video games, such as Halo or BioShock. The Videri String Quartet has been asked to perform at a multitude of indie game festivals and music festivals, including the Boston Festival of Indie Games, IndieCade in Los Angeles, the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, among others. Further, Videri was chosen as a Fellowship Quartet for the Apple Hill Center for Chamber Music and has been asked to perform at venues such as Nintendo Headquarters by Nintendo themselves. Videri has not only performed video game works but have been featured on video game soundtracks such as Arigami, The Magic Circle, Beat Sports, and Neocolonialism, as well as having appeared on various compilation albums including Materia: Final Fantasy VII Remixed and more. Find out more about Videri here.