Cicada Cinema: Radio On

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Date & Time

Saturday, February 5 | 7:00pm - 9:00pm

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$8 Admission


FAR Center for Contemporary Arts

Local pop-up movie theater, Cicada Cinema, will be popping up at FAR on Saturday, February 5th to screen the newly-restored British film RADIO ON (1979). Tickets may be purchased in advance on their website.

Showtime: 7pm

Cost: $8

Synopsis: Learning of his brother's death, Robert (David Beames) embarks on a road trip from London to Bristol. As Robert drives west, the radio newscasts he hears and the strangers he meets address the troubled political and economic state of late-seventies Britain. A wonderful selection of art rock, punk, and new wave (featuring David Bowie, Devo, Kraftwerk, Robert Fripp, Ian Dury, and more!) acts as the soundtrack throughout Robert’s journey. A rare road movie from England, Christopher Petit’s mesmerizing debut film has taken its place as a under-seen cult classic and one of the most singular debuts of 1970s cinema. Shot in stunning black & white by cinematographer Martin Shäfer (Wim Wenders' regular collaborator). Recalling the early road movies of Wenders and Jim Jarmusch, Petit deftly melds fiction and documentary elements, blending to create an eerie, reflective mood of haunted, hypnotic reverie.Starring: David Beames, Lisa Kreuzer, Sandy Ratcliff, and Sting.

Newly scanned & restored in 4k from the film's original 35mm negative.