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Single Image Crush | Camille Seaman

November 22, 2023

Today, I want to cut through the holiday for a moment, to look at this photograph of Aqutaq the white wolf, by photographer Camille Seaman. Bred and carefully raised in captivity, Aqutaq serves as an ambassador for the species, and Oliver Starr, her caretaker, serves as an advocate. She roams in a very large and safely enclosed natural environment out in the country in Marin County, while Starr works to educate and promote the protection of the wolf species — creatures that do so much to sustain healthy landscapes and ecosystems.

In Seaman’s image, Aqutaq Gets Her Wild On, the natural world is simplified as it races by at wolf speed. Aqutaq hurtles forward in perfect clarity, mid-stride, ears back, as if sprung from the mouth of the fallen trees.
It’s a joy run. 

If you’re curious about wolf life, you can read more about Aqutaq here
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- Lisa Woodward