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Single Image Crush | Brad Temkin

August 12, 2022

City Hall (looking Northeast) Chicago, IL
City Hall (looking Northeast) Chicago, IL, July 2011 Brad Temkin

America’s first major climate law was just passed. I’m hopeful, for the first time in a long while, that maybe we can get our act together on the state of the earth. To celebrate, I thought we could all take a long drink off this photograph from Brad Temkin’s Rooftop series.

Atop a civic building in Chicago, wildflowers send their spires up to greet the steel giants. A good third of the view at this elevation is a tangled meadow. The black eyed susan and the Marina City building get equal billing. I love this garden for its unbridled spread, plants doing what they do, taking the stormwater for their own, claiming the right to grow.

-Lisa Woodward