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Photobooks | Grenade in a Jar

July 15, 2019

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Melanie McWhorter | Grenade in a Jar

Finding new photo books can be a great source for inspiration. But given the number of photo books that come out on the market each year, it can be overwhelming even to browse for new material. I had this experience as a 17 year old, walking into the jazz record store in Chicago. I was eager to learn about jazz, but I wanted to cut straight to the good stuff, and I had no idea where to start. I was uninformed and overwhelmed. Fumbling through the stacks didn’t help. What I needed was a guide.

In this spirit, here’s a shout out to Melanie McWhorter’s new project, Grenade in a Jar.

She brings years of expertise thinking about and sifting through photobooks into this venture. She’s selecting some of the best monographs and limited editions and collecting them all in this store, for those who want to cut straight to the good stuff. Check it out: https://​www​.grenadeinajar​.com/