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Life Framer Series Award | Call for Entry

January 11, 2024| curatorial

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We are excited to announce that Pictura and Life Framer are collaborating on the 2024 competition for the Life Framer Series Award! Calls for entry are now open and we hope that you will send us your creations…

Life Framer

Life Framer is a world-renowned platform for discovering and exhibiting contemporary photography. Its unique competitions are designed to empower photographers around the world by providing opportunities to grow professional connections and exhibit work.


The Life Framer Series Award is a competition that identifies and features one stand-out, cohesive photographic series. Photographers with completed and polished projects are encouraged to apply. This competition is juried by Co-Curators Mia Dalglish and Lisa Woodward. The winner will receive a solo exhibition at Pictura Gallery and will work directly with the curators to produce the show.


Entries are open with an extended deadline: January 31, 2024.
Each series submission should be composed of 5 to 20 photos (with more than 5 preferred.)

How to submit

Submissions for the Series Award will be handled and collected directly by the Life Framer organization. Photographic projects can be on any topic or any genre. Visit their submission portal to apply.

What are the Judges looking for?

We love work that has depth and that calls for a longer look on every level. If a project is emotionally and conceptually engaging, visually memorable, and expertly crafted, then it’s a contender.

What makes a good series?

In this context, a series is a photographic project that holds together in its theme or narrative. This can be a long-term project, shot over many years, or a successful short-term study. A series can maintain complete consistency, or poetically string together disparate images. But every photo included in the series should add something to the whole. In a successful series, the photographer uses multiple images to build their voice and particular aesthetic. A good series can use the rhythm of communication over time to allow for depth to build.

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Co-Curators, Lisa Woodward + Mia Dalglish

49 I5287

Benjamin Rasmussen's exhibition, The Good Citizen