Pictura Gallery


January 5, 2022| JOS


Today’s JOS was given to Mia by photographer, Karen Navarro. To make it extra fun, we asked Karen to include one of her pieces from her current exhibit in the challenge. To see the image in person, stop by the gallery!

If you need a reminder: In this game, one person sends another individual two unrelated pictures. The challenge is to connect them using 8 photographs, ultimately creating a sequence of 10 images in total. Connections can be based on concept, content or form, but no artist can be repeated.

This is the sequence that Mia made:

Images Credits: 01 Pat Kane / 02 Sittichai Maikupandin / 03 Thomas Jackson / 04 Julia Chang / 05 Nancy Newberry / 06 Azad Amin / 07 Eliza Bourner / 08 Photographer Hal / 09 Diane Meyer / 10 Karen Navarro

Pat Kane01
Sittichai Maikupandin02
Thomas Jackson03
Julia Chang Lomonico04
Nancy Newberry05
Azad Amin05
Eliza Bourner06
Photographer Hal07
Diane Myer08
Karen Navarro10