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Jaume Llorens | Gaia

March 13, 2024

While jurying the Life Framer Series Award this past month, Lisa and I saw a lot of excellent work. Jaume Llorens’ project Gaia was one of the project finalists that we reviewed.

In this series, Llorens observes earth as a single organism in which living beings and the land itself establish a self-regulating equilibrium.” His pairing of images brings this concept to life. In his diptychs Bach merges plants and animals to create strange but poetic new beings. There are flowers that grow roots in the form of spider webs and blossoms that flock together like birds.

There is a dark, but beautiful disorientation that occurs in his images. There is no day or night, no up or down. Ocean waves crash upwards, bursting into small blossoms that twinkle like stars against the black sky. A cloud appears to float in inky soil underground and above it; the skeletal branches of a tree reach up into the sky.

- Mia

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Diptic 027
Diptic 014
Diptic 045
Diptic 021
Diptic 004